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Probiotic Therapy, Part 2: Clinical Perspectives

Author(s):  Vail Jane

Issue:  May/Jun 2006 - Hormone Replacement Therapy
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Page(s):  195-200

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Probiotic Therapy, Part 2: Clinical Perspectives Page 2
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Abstract:  In this second of a two-part series, the efficacy of probiotic treatment is discussed by a pediatric gastroenterologist and a compounding pharmacist, who, with patients and caregivers, have tailored many probiotic regimens to a successful outcome. Although the mechanisms of action for probiotics remain unclear, the benefits of probiotics therapy are being documented increasingly in case reports, research studies, and randomized controlled trials. Recommending treatment that is not helpful could, to a degree, be harmful, and thus published data should be reviewed when a probiotic supplement is selected. Patients may require information on the therapeutic effectiveness and safety of probiotics, and pharmacists should have such information available. Although there are manufactured probiotic supplements, innovative compounding enables pharmacists to offer their clients novel dosage forms. The future of probiotic therapy includes the possibility of genetically engineered probiotic bacterial strains that exert tar

Related Keywords: Jane Vail, probiotics, Clostridium difficile, C difficile, infectious diarrhea, children, antibiotic associated diarrhea, postoperative pouchitis, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, Lactobaccilus spp., Bidifobacterium spp., vaginal yeast infection, vaginal suppository, gastrointestinal tract, gastric mucosa, formulation, allergic diseases, allergies


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