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Differentiation and Treatment of Hypothyroidism, Functional Hypothyroidism, and Functional Metabolism

Author(s):  Paoletti Jim

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2008 - Arthritis and Immunological Diseases
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Abstract:  Less than optimal thyroid effects can occur for many reasons, including lack of production, excessive binding, reduced conversion to the active form of thyroid, poor intracellular transport, poor receptor response, or autoimmune and toxicity issues. Differentiation of where the problem or problems causing the symptoms of hypothyroidism to occur is a key to the return to optimal thyroid response and successful treatment outcome. The concept of hypothyroidism, functional hypothyroidism, and functional hypometabolism as an alternative method to describe classical subclinical hypothyroidism symptoms according to the source of the malfunction are discussed in this article. The author also presents a unique method of using standard thyroid measurements to determine the areas of dysfunction and discusses the possible reasons for low production, excessive binding, poor conversion, and suboptimal receptor response. Appropriate treatment options for each area are discussed, including nutritional requirements. Thyroid r

Related Keywords: Jim Paoletti, RPh, thyroid disorders, endocrinologic disorders, hypothyroidism, functional hypometablism, thyroid hormone replacement, tetraiodothyronine, triiodothyronine, thyroid gradient levels


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