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Home Infusion: Overcoming the Barriers to Entry

Author(s):  Franklin David M

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2010 - Volume 14, Number 6
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Page(s):  450-455

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Home Infusion: Overcoming the Barriers to Entry Page 2
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Abstract:  The field of pharmacy service is evolving rapidly, as is the delivery of health care in general. From patients with infectious diseases dying because there was nothing available to fight the infections, to the involvement of an episodic- based model of care with patients traversing inpatient- and outpatient-based delivery systems, to the new frontier of chronic care, and with reports such as the one by the Centers for Disease Control that hospital-acquired infections are killing about 100,000 Americans every year, the home infusion business has become a major alternative to in-hospital treatment. This article discusses the barriers to entry into the home infusion business and assists in the evaluation of a home infusion reimbursement organization.

Related Keywords: David M. Franklin, MSA, home infusion, specialty pharmacy, business model, sterile compounding, health care decentralization, cost containment, infection, intravenous antibiotics, accreditation, professional credentials, pharmacy management, nonretail pharmacy


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