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Quality Control: Can Compounding Pharmacy Learn from the Automotive Industry?

Author(s):  Dillon L Rad

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2014 - Volume 18, Number 6
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Page(s):  475-477

Quality Control: Can Compounding Pharmacy Learn from the Automotive Industry? Page 1
Quality Control: Can Compounding Pharmacy Learn from the Automotive Industry? Page 2
Quality Control: Can Compounding Pharmacy Learn from the Automotive Industry? Page 3

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Abstract:  The healthcare system is vast in scope, with constant concerns of how the system’s major changes will affect the quality of future patient care. This article concerns only one small corner of the healthcare system—pharmaceutical compounding. Despite our best efforts, we are not going to single-handedly change all of the grim statistics, no matter how many years we are given or how much assistance Americans obtain from their international colleagues. Yet, the “good” news is that although in my opinion the overall quality of America’s healthcare system has declined, perhaps the modest niche of compounding pharmacy can become a role model of what actually works and can offer immense opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health care.

Related Keywords: L. Rad Miller, RPh, ASG CMG/OE, quality control, quality assurance, quality improvement

Related Categories: QUALITY CONTROL

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