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Call of the Wild: Compounding for Zoos and Exotics

Author(s):  Hudson Sonora

Issue:  May/Jun 1999 - Compounding for Animals
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Page(s):  176-179

Call of the Wild: Compounding for Zoos and Exotics Page 1
Call of the Wild: Compounding for Zoos and Exotics Page 2
Call of the Wild: Compounding for Zoos and Exotics Page 3
Call of the Wild: Compounding for Zoos and Exotics Page 4

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Abstract:  This feature focuses on compounding for zoos and exotics and includes comments by compounding pharmacists engaged in this market. Also included is information about the zoo/aquarium market, compounding activities (preparations for primates, chelation therapy for birds and other preparations), marketing tips, a dosing idea for tropical birds and feedback from veterinarians.

Related Keywords: wildlife, veterinary, aquarium, wild animals, animals, primates, metronidazole, chelation

Related Categories: VETERINARY

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