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Use of Fenbendazole in Treating Trichuriasis in Colobus Monkeys

Author(s):  Carr Randy S, Aguilar Roberto F, Carr Lisa L

Issue:  May/Jun 1999 - Compounding for Animals
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Page(s):  193

Use of Fenbendazole in Treating Trichuriasis in Colobus Monkeys Page 1

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Abstract:  In this case report, some colobus monkeys at the Audubon Zoo had been diagnosed with chronic whipworm, but zoo staff could not accurately dose them because of the delivery method they were using (painting the drug on leafy food). Instead the fenbendazole was mixed with pureed fresh apple and injected into apples the monkeys snacked on each afternoon. Each monkey was given the proper prescription strength of fenbendazole in the apples, which they promptly ate. The infestation had cleared up approximately three to four weeks later when the next fecal samples were taken.

Related Keywords: zoo, Trichuris sp., fenbendazole

Related Categories: VETERINARY

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