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Dental Compounding in Denmark

Author(s):  Petersen Jens Kelsen

Issue:  Jan/Feb 1999 - Dental Compounding
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Page(s):  18-19

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Abstract:  The author, a dentist affiliated with The Royal Dental College, University of Aarbus, Aarbus, Denmark, describes the dental compounding environment in Denmark. There the 215 pharmacies in that country decided to centralize the production of compounds to two pharmacies, from which other pharmacists can order a specific compound and pass it on an individual dentist. This measure was adopted because of reasons of cost effectiveness. The author provides a listing of example Danish dental compounds and nine formulations (three solutions for desensitizing dentine [teeth sensitive to cold or sweet], four remedies for treating dental pulp and root canals and two topical anesthetics and disinfectants for the oral mucosa).

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Related Categories: DENTAL, HISTORY

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Dental Compounding in Denmark
Petersen Jens Kelsen
Jan/Feb 1999
Pg. 18-19

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