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An Abridged History of Aspirin

Author(s):  Vance Dwight A

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2009 - Veterinary Compounding
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Page(s):  404-409

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Abstract:  The story of aspirin is a fascinating story involving war, disease, an English vicar, scrolls from the remote past, industrial development, corporate intrigue, and many other intricate and interrelated stories. This article is an abridged version of the history of aspirin that should tweak the interest of pharmacists and anyone interested in a fascinating true-life account of one of the most widely used medications in history. This abridged account of the history of aspirin represents only the surface of a fascinating story continuing its 6000-year evolvement.

Related Keywords: Dwight A. Vance, DPh, aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs, acetylsalicylic acid, ASA, willow bark extract, prostaglandins, cyclo-oxygenase, blood clotting


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