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Technology Spotlight: Tube Sealers

Author(s):  Jones Michael, Adams Susan

Issue:  May/Jun 2003 - Diabetes and Wound Care
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Page(s):  206-207

Technology Spotlight: Tube Sealers Page 1
Technology Spotlight: Tube Sealers Page 2

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Abstract:  This article describes several types of thermal tube sealers of interest to compounding pharmacists: the Gallipot Ointment Tube Sealers Model OTS-2 (Item 105763) and Model OTS-1 (Item 105759) and the PCCA Tube Sealer/Vacuum Pump. Information about special features is included, along with sources for the equipment and contact information.

Related Keywords: Gallipot ointment tube sealers, PCCA Tube Sealer/Vacuum Pump, Technology Spotlight, tube sealers, Tube sealers

Related Categories: SUPPORT, TECHNOLOGY

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