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Sterile Compounding with Barrier-Isolation Technology

Author(s):  Rahe Hank

Issue:  Jul/Aug 2001 - Sterile Product Compounding
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Abstract:  Barrier-isolation technology ensures the integrity of sterile products and the safety of personnel who prepare them. In this article, the author covers barrier-isolation technology use in the pharmacy, types and uses of barrier isolators, specifications for barrier isolators, transfer and interaction technologies, monitoring systems, sterility-assurance levels and the effect of barrier isolators and containment of hazardous drugs. Tables provide information regarding a comparative time study of the use of equipment for sterile compounding by activity and an eight-hour time-weighted exposure level of airborne contamination during sterile-product preparations. The authors conclude that barrier-isolation technology is the most cost-effective system for maintaining sterility-assurance levels of parental preparations and for protecting personnel from hazardous drugs. It is important to understand the basic components of barrier isolators and to ask the correct questions before making a purchase.

Related Keywords: Barrier-isolation technology, sterile compounding, Containment, of hazardous drugs, Hazardous drugs, containment of, Sterile compounding, with barrier isolation technology, Rahe Henry


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