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Case Report: The Use of Compounded Metronidazole to Treat Clostridial and Campylobacterial Enteritis in an English Bulldog Puppy

Author(s):  Fellman Claire, Ray Jody, Jordan Dinah G, Hreish Viola

Issue:  May/Jun 2011 - Volume 15, Number 3
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Abstract:  Metronidazole is a nitroimidazole antibacterial and antiprotozoal agent that is frequently employed in the treatment of clostridial diarrhea but has variable efficacy against Campylobacter. Metronidazole also exhibits trichomonacidal and amebicidal characteristics as well as some inhibitive actions against cell-mediated immunity. Although commercially available in 250- mg and 500-mg tablets as well as a 375-mg capsule for human use, veterinary-approved metronidazole is not commercially available in the doses required for smaller veterinary patients. Metronidazole suspension is, therefore, commonly compounded for the treatment of veterinary patients. This article discusses Clostridium and Campylobacter bacterium as well as a case report of an English Bulldog diagnosed with clostridial and campylobacterial enteritis.

Related Keywords: Claire Fellman, Jody Ray, DVM, Dinah G. Jordan, BSPh, RPh, PharmD, DIVCP, Viola Hreish, BSPS, canine, dog, clostridial enteritis, campylobacterial enteritis, clostridum, campylobacter, metronidazole suspension, antibiotic, antibacterial agent, case report, formulation


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