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Growing a Compounding Practice: Successful Marketing to Underserved Populations

Author(s):  McKettrick Greg, Yoch Doug

Issue:  Jul/Aug 2021 - Volume 25, Number 4
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Abstract:  In this article, we provide an example of an effective novel therapy plan (the Stanley Protocol) that compounders can offer or use as a template for other services to grow their pharmacy practice, expand their role in patient care, and provide essential assistance for prescribers. We also share our successful consultative strategy for marketing that plan, which consists of several elements: identifying a treatment vacancy in underserved populations, changing the paradigm of compounding services, developing strategies that reach target populations, and dedicating the time and effort necessary to implement those strategies. Since we introduced the Stanley Protocol to prescribers and patients in 2020, our compounding practice has grown substantially in a number of aspects, which we describe in detail in this article. We also provide 2 formulations that have proven effective in treating Protocol patients.

Related Keywords: Greg McKettrick, RPh, Doug Yoch, PharmD, Stanley Protocol, erectile dysfunction, underserved populations, target populations, formulations, targeted marketing, urinary incontinence, prostate cancer, treatment vacancy, tadalafil, oxytocin, sublingual tablet, tablet triturate, prescribers, nitric oxide booster, pharmacy consult, consulting pharmacist


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