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Wish You Were Here: Oklahoma Frontier Drug Store Museum

Author(s):  Worthen Dennis B

Issue:  May/Jun 2000 - Compounding for the Ear, Nose and Throat
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Page(s):  188-189

Wish You Were Here: Oklahoma Frontier Drug Store Museum Page 1
Wish You Were Here: Oklahoma Frontier Drug Store Museum Page 2

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Abstract:  Today Guthrie, OK, contains one of the largest urban historic districts on the National Register. It consists of 400 city blocks and over 2,000 historic structures, including the Oklahoma Frontier Drug Store Museum, which occupies the first floor of the Gaffney Building, built in 1890 as the first permanent home of the Lillie Drug Store. The museum is a result of the efforts of the Oklahoma Pharmacy Heritage Foundation and was established in 1992. Many of the furnishings are from the territorial period. In addition to describing the contents of exhibits, the author provides information as to location, phone number, hours open and admission fee.

Related Keywords: artifacts, cleo drug store, dinkler drug store, Drug Store, Foress B. Lillie, frontier, Gaffney Building, Guthrie, heritage, historic, Indian, land rush, Mark Ekiss, Museum, Oklahoma, pharmacy, Ralph Enix, Randolph's Drug Store, territory

Related Categories: HISTORY

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