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The Pharmacist Manpower Shortage: How to Recruit and Retain Key Employees

Author(s):  Ashworth Lisa D

Issue:  May/Jun 2001 - The Business of Compounding
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Page(s):  182-184

The Pharmacist Manpower Shortage: How to Recruit and Retain Key Employees Page 1
The Pharmacist Manpower Shortage: How to Recruit and Retain Key Employees Page 2
The Pharmacist Manpower Shortage: How to Recruit and Retain Key Employees Page 3

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Abstract:  Today there is a severe shortage of experienced frontline pharmacists. The author discusses the causes for this shortage, ways to attract key personnel, places to look, things to offer and technological advances in pharmacies. She concludes that job satisfaction does not depend solely on money earned; each owner or manager must identify and implement incentives that nurture the spirit and intellect of employees; not every pharmacy can offer a large sign-on bonus, so one must find other incentives to attract key personnel; it is important to promote the perks of working with your team; find out how working for your practice would make a prospective employee happy; and ask yourself if you are a committed team member.

Related Keywords: Pharmacists, shortage of, Staff, hiring for compounding pharmacy, Staff, retaining good employees

Related Categories: BUSINESS

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