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Marketing: Using Facebook to Market Your Compounding Pharmacy Moore Renee Nov/Dec 2014 490-491 Buy
Marketing: Tips on Dealing With a Healthcare Practititioner's No-Rep Policy Moore Renee Sep/Oct 2014 406 Buy
Marketing: Effective Use of Advertisements on Your Website Moore Renee May/Jun 2014 210-211 Buy
Effective Advertisements Moore Renee Mar/Apr 2014 120-121 Buy
Marketing Moore Renee Jan/Feb 2014 38 Buy
Marketing During the Holidays Moore Renee Nov/Dec 2013 482-483 Buy
Marketing: Overcoming Objections to Prescribing Compounded Medications Moore Renee Nov/Dec 2012 484-485 Buy
Marketing: Drug Shortages and Discontinued Drugs: Marketing Techniques that Compounding Pharmacists Can Use to Advise and Serve Their Patients Moore Renee Sep/Oct 2012 394-395 Buy
Okay, I've Got It: Now What Do I Do With It? Moore Renee Jul/Aug 2012 310-311 Buy
Marketing: 16 Ways to Incorporate Facebook into Your Compounding Pharmacy Moore Renee May/Jun 2012 224-225 Buy
Trade Shows: Planning Your Strategy Moore Renee Mar/Apr 2012 134 Buy
7 Marketing Tactics That Don't Work Moore Renee Sep/Oct 2011 388-389 Buy
7 Marketing Tactics That Don't Work, Part 3 Moore Renee Jul/Aug 2011 320-321 Buy
7 Marketing Tactics That Don't Work, Part 2 Moore Renee May/Jun 2011 222-223 Buy
Seven Marketing Tactics That Don't Work Moore Renee Mar/Apr 2011 130-131 Buy
Marketing the Geriatric Patient Moore Renee Nov/Dec 2009 538-539 Buy
Marketing Veterinarians Moore Renee Sep/Oct 2009 410-411 Buy
What are You Willing to Do? Moore Renee Jul/Aug 2006 287 Buy
PostScription Moore Renee Nov/Dec 2004 496 Buy
A Foot in the Door: Marketing Tips - Dealing With Personalities Moore Renee Sep/Oct 2004 373-375 Buy