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Marketing the Geriatric Patient

Author(s):  Moore Renee

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2009 - Geriatric Compounding
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Page(s):  538-539

Marketing the Geriatric Patient Page 1
Marketing the Geriatric Patient Page 2

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Abstract:  Influencing the drawing of future legislation, gaining the confidence of consumers, prescribers, and government; and enhancing the communication with the medical profession are among the major upcoming challenges for compounding pharmacists worldwide. In our systematic effort to prevent error and improve quality, we have learned that guidance is our main ally. When the Brazilian National Health Agency issued legislation that had a major impact on operating costs for compounding businesses, the Brazilian National Association of Compounding Pharmacies, a nongovernmental organization, set out to tackle the many deadlocks resulting from the legislation. With the support of compounding pharmacists, the association has been able to develop and implement a National System for the Monitoring and Improvement of Compounding Practices, a process-focused system. This article describes the major features of this system. Custom-made, individualized drugs are necessary for providing the best treatment, and compounding pharm

Related Keywords: Renee Moore, MBA, CPhT, seniors, aging, marketing


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