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Basics of Compounding with Acids

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2005 - Sterile Preparations
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Abstract:  Preparing solutions of acids, whether from concentrated acids (liquids) or solid acids (powders), can be confusing. Any presecription for an acid solution that is unclear or not appropriately designated with a w/w, w/v, v/v, m, M, or N should be clarified with the prescriber. If the prescriber is unaware of the difference, the pharmacist should explain it to him or her. Once the preparation is compounded, it should continue to be compounded the same way unless requested differently by the prescriber. All concentrations should be appropriately designated as w/w, w/v, v/v, m, M, or N.

Related Keywords: Loyd V. Allen, Jr, PhD, RPh, acid solutions, labelling

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