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Little Thief: The Domestic Ferret

Author(s):  Benischek Rita L

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2009 - Veterinary Compounding
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Abstract:  Three illnesses appear commonly in pet ferrets: cardiomyopathies, insulinoma, and adrenal associated endocrinopathy. Treatment for dilated cardiomyopathy include ACE inhibitors, and furosemide is recommended for the treatment for long-term diuresis treatment of congestive heart failure. Insulinoma, cancer of the pancreas, is the most common neoplasm of the American ferret, oftentimes treated by surgically excising the cancerous lobes, optionally can be treated with steroids that suppress insulin. Adrenal disease in ferrets is due to excessive release of estrogen from a proliferative adrenal lesion and theoretically is associated with the light cycle or photoperiod to which a ferret is exposed. Adrenal disease is commonly treated with environmental changes; melatonin, administered orally or by implant; investigative hormone implant treatments to decrease estrogen levels; and antihistamines to decrease episodic itching. This article provides the history of ferrets, clinical and medical evaluations, common disea

Related Keywords: Rita L. Benischek, DPh, MA, ferrets, veterinary pharmacy, cardiomyopathy, insulinoma, adrenal-assocated endocrinopathy, formulations, enrofloxacin, melatonin


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