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Sleepless in America: Compounding with Melatonin

Author(s):  Wynn Tom, Rawlings Kate

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2010 - Pediatrics and Wellness
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Abstract:  Studies of melatonin in the 1970s and 1980s revealed sedative and hypnotic properties of the compound, which have lead to its use in treating sleep disorders. Commonly used for jet lag, melatonin is relatively inexpensive and associated with minimal side effects. Regulation of melatonin secretion appears to be abnormal in children and adults in which pervasive development disorders have been observed. Alteration in melatonin rhythm may be responsible for sleep-onset and maintenance difficulties in autism. A recent review concluded that melatonin primarily acts on the total length of time needed to fall asleep and on the total length of sleep. In addition, melatonin, which does not induce dependence or withdrawal syndromes, may have advantages compared to commonly prescribed benzodiazepines. While there is an enormous amount of anecdotal information available, additional studies are necessary involving melatonin for the treatment of sleep disorders. The conditions of these well-controlled studies must be clear

Related Keywords: Tom Wynn, RPh, Kate Rawlings, sleep disorders, sleeplessness, insomnia, melatonin, children, autism, formulations, case report


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