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Precepting: A Win-Win Situation for All

Author(s):  McElhiney LInda F

Issue:  May/Jun 2004 - Andropause
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Page(s):  194-195

Precepting:  A Win-Win Situation for All Page 1
Precepting:  A Win-Win Situation for All Page 2

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Abstract:  In this article, the author begins by explaining how precepting can fill the gap caused by the lack of training in compounding in pharmacy school curricula. She explains what may be required to act as a preceptor and states that, after compounding techniques, the most important skills to be taught are recordkeeping and quality assurance. She concludes by showing how precepting is a plus for the preceptor, since students help handle the workload and relieve staffing shortages.

Related Keywords: McElhiney, Linda F., PharmD, RPh, Precepting, in colleges of pharmacy


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