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Coenzyme Q10: It's Everywhere

Author(s):  Hudson Sonora

Issue:  Jan/Feb 1999 - Dental Compounding
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Page(s):  30-33

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Abstract:  A considerable body of experimental evidence suggests that the nutrient Coenzyme Q10 may be helpful as an adjunct to conventional medical therapy in treating a wide variety of disorders. This article features Coenzyme Q10, focusing on its historical use, description, mechanism of action, the current state of knowledge, testimonials and its growing market. Sidebars provide a listing of conditions for which experimental evidence suggests Coenzyme Q10 may be helpful, a listing of milestones in the development of Coenzyme Q10, a formulation (Ubidicarenone [Coenzyme Q10] 200-mg Gelatin Troche) and a brief listing of studies with Coenzyme Q10 for periodontal disease. Comments are included by compounding pharmacists who are already working with this nutrient.

Related Keywords: ubiquinone, Hmg-coa, Reductase


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