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Green IV Nutritionals

Author(s):  Karolchyk Scott

Issue:  Jul/Aug 1999 - Compounding Parenteral Products
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Abstract:  The author begins with a few comments about his personal experience in preparing customized intravenous preparations. He describes his practice as “exciting,” with “tremendous” rewards. He then discusses typical physicians who prescribe for this niche, preparations and procedure. He concludes that compounding sterile intravenous preparations is challenging, especially working in the arena of complementary and alternative medicine. Compounding pharmacists can bring their experience and knowledge to help the patient receive a quality product.

Related Keywords: "green" IV nutrition, alternative medicine, cancer treatment, chelation, chelidonium, Conenzyme Q10 injection, customized IVs, grape seed extract injection, immune stimulation, lipoic acid injection, naturopathic physicians, nebulizer, nutrition, oxygen therapy, physicians


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