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Rabbit Medicine

Author(s):  Jordan Dinah G

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2007 - Veterinary Compounding
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Page(s):  364-374

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Abstract:  When filling prescriptions for a rabbit, it is important to know whether the rabbit is a pet or is being raised as a source of food for human consumption. Several drugs widely used for pet rabbits are prohibited from extralabel use in animals raised for food production. The list of banned drugs should always be perused prior to filling a prescription for a rabbit being raised for food production. Since no veterinary-approved products exist for rabbits and most medications must be compounded, pharmacists are likely to encounter prescriptions for rabbits in their practice. A basic understanding of rabbit anatomy, physiology, and common diseases will assist pharmacists in distinguishing between safe and dangerous drugs for administration to rabbits.

Related Keywords: Dinah G. Jordan, BSPh, RPh, PharmD, DICVP, rabbits, lagomorphs, veterinary compounding, antibiotics, antimicrobial agents, cardiovascular disorders, heart disease, pain control, pain relief, analgesia, analgesic, skin disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, parasites


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