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Compounding Around the World

Author(s):  Vail Jane

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2008 - Compounding Around the World
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Page(s):  102-115

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Abstract:  Pharmaceutical compounding is universal in its prevalence. Variations in disease patterns, culture, and tradition; the role of government in health care; and the availability of essential equipment and required agents shape a compounding profile unique to each country worldwide. In the following reflections, pharmacists from Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Puerto Rico, Spain, and the United States describe their experiences in the compounding setting unique to their practice and their nation. The unifying theme in their comments is the dedication of each contributor to enabling recovery and ensuring the good health of his or her clients.

Related Keywords: Jane Vail, international compounding, pharmacy education, regulation, dosage forms, Argentina, Aldo Mario Naddeo, Belgium, Renaat Kinget, Colombia, Luis Soloranzo, Juan Diego Berrio, Germany, Gerhard Zueck, RPh, European Community, monographs, Puerto Rico, Marisol Lopez, RPh, MPH, Spain, Diego Marro, United States, Jerrod Roberts, DPh, FIACP


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