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Sterile-Product Preparations: Mix or Buy?

Author(s):  Kastango Eric S

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2001 - Compounding for Pediatric Patients
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Page(s):  59-63

Sterile-Product Preparations: Mix or Buy? Page 1
Sterile-Product Preparations: Mix or Buy? Page 2
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Abstract:  According to recent surveys of hospital executives, the number of pharmacy services that will be outsourced is expected to increase during the next few years. In this article, the author discusses sorting out the outsourcing question, an overview of sterile-product production. outsourcing sterile-product preparations (defining internal outsourcing objectives, understanding costs, understanding risks, overcoming emotion, considering internal and external customers, identifying internal leadership, establishing a relationship with the vendor, setting objective performance criteria, identifying and addressing “people” issues, evaluating vendors) and examples of successful outsourcing. The author concludes that outsourcing can provide an organization with a competitive advantage, quality enhancements and a measure of rapid cost reduction and control in the pharmacy.

Related Keywords: cost, cost comparison, outsourcing, parenteral, sterile-product, vendors


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