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Diaper Rash Relief: Common Sense Remedies and Treatments

Author(s):  Wiliams Kacee D, Williams LaVonn

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2011 - Volume 15, Number 6
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Page(s):  464-469

Note:  Electronic version includes supplemental material.

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Diaper Rash Relief: Common Sense Remedies and Treatments Page 2
Diaper Rash Relief: Common Sense Remedies and Treatments Page 3
Diaper Rash Relief: Common Sense Remedies and Treatments Page 4
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Abstract:  Diaper rash, of which there are many types, is believed to result from a combination of several factors. Because of the bacteria that can be introduced to a simple diaper rash, without immediate and proper care, the condition may worsen rapidly. This article defines diaper rash; lists the types of diaper rash; discusses the most common preventions, causes, and treatments; provides formulations; and provides a list of suggestions for parents to assist them in the daily prevention of diaper rash. This topic is another shining example of how a compounding pharmacist, working closely with a physician/pediatrician, can help parents provide the best treatment options for their infant.

Related Keywords: Kacee D. Williams, PharmD, LaVonn A. Williams, formulations, diaper rash, diaper dermatitis, impetigo, intertrigo, seborrhea, yeast rash, infants, skin irritation, topical preparations, cholestyramine ointment, antifungal agents, fungal infections, prevention, Riley butt cream, nystatin, miconazole


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