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Considerations for Pharmacists Working in Major Disaster Areas

Author(s):  Kawataba Yoshinori

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2013 - Volume 17, Number 6
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Page(s):  459-463

Considerations for Pharmacists Working in Major Disaster Areas Page 1
Considerations for Pharmacists Working in Major Disaster Areas Page 2
Considerations for Pharmacists Working in Major Disaster Areas Page 3
Considerations for Pharmacists Working in Major Disaster Areas Page 4
Considerations for Pharmacists Working in Major Disaster Areas Page 5

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Abstract:  Japan experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. Medical workers, including pharmacists, responded to the stricken areas to assist the affected patients with their medical needs. Although there are many published reports concerning the human suffering and medical problems resulting from this earthquake, very few of the published reports are by pharmacists documenting their experiences and perspective. It is important that pharmacists who respond to disasters document and report their experiences, as this information is vital for future responders. The authors, who were also responders of the Great East Japan Earthquake, evaluated the wasted drugs, compared the wasted drugs with the number of drugs prepared before dispatch to the affected areas, and documented the information that was gathered. A list of drugs, which was necessary to handle the subacute and chronic phases used at the stricken areas, was prepared and drug requirement tendencies investigated. The information gathered in this report may help pharmacists who are involved in similar situations in the future.

Related Keywords: Yoshinori Kawataba, Bpharm, natural disasters, earthquake, tsunami, Japan, drug supply, disaster preparedness


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