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Dermatological Compounds from the Caribbean

Author(s):  Nelson James L

Issue:  Jul/Aug 1998 - Dermatology
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Page(s):  276-279

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Abstract:  The author, who has lived for more than 12 years in the central Caribbean and the US Virgin Islands, discusses typical maladies in that area and provides formulations for compounded preparations to treat them. Included are sun-related rashes (Rash Cream), lesions caused by plants, bug bites (Antipruritus Suspension and Anesthetic Lotion), hand and nail ailments (Nail Fungus Solution 90 mL), ear infections (Swim Ear Drops and Gentamicin-Betamethasone Otic, Sunscreen Products (Sunscreen Lip Balm), sunburn (Sunburn Lotion), herpes (Herpes Ointment) and seasickness.

Related Keywords: Balm, Diphenhydramine, Lidocaine, Sunburn, Sunscreen

Related Categories: DERMATOLOGY

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