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Pharmacogenomics as a Competitive Strategy for Compounding Pharmacies

Author(s):  Maham Nicole Y

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2022 - Volume 26, Number 6
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Abstract:  Patients’ responses to medical treatment vary greatly; while many may benefit from pharmacological therapy, others may suffer from harmful drug reactions or show no response at all. To provide an effective individualized care, one must understand the elements that lead to varying patient outcomes and how these factors may interplay in an individual’s treatment outcome. Pharmacogenomics is the future of pharmacy, and there is a growing demand for this service. Compounding pharmacies are already at the forefront of meeting patients’ unique drug requirements. This gives them the opportunity to provide their patients with more valuable services than only selling drugs dictated by the formula! This article discusses pharmacogenomics as a competitive strategy for compounding pharmacies.

Related Keywords: Nicole Y. Maham, PharmD Candidate, MS(s) (Biomedical Science and IT Management), BS (Industrial Management), treatment outcomes, pharmacogenomics, drug response, personalized medicine, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, genetic polymorphism, genome-wide association studies, single-nucleotide polymorphisms, copy number variations, Clinical Pharmacogenomics Implementation Consortium, CPIC, gene-drug pairings, metabolizer phenotypes, pharmacogenomics implementation models, pharmacogenomic counseling, genetic counselors


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