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Compounded Suppositories and Pharmaceutical Care

Author(s):  Duncan-Hewitt Wendy, Rains John

Issue:  Mar/Apr 1997 - Pediatric Care
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Abstract:  This article reviews the pharmaceutics-related aspects of provision of pharmaceutical care, focusing on issues related to the compounding of suppositories. Topics discussed include determining the appropriateness of dosage form selection; products on the market; formulation selection; formulation from raw drug to finished, quality product; what one needs to know about the drug, excipients that may be required; the fusion method of suppository preparation; preparation heuristics; dating; controlling bioavailability; quality-assurance measures and the art and science of compounding suppositories. A table provides information regarding general rules for release of drugs from suppository bases as a function of solubility.

Related Keywords: Suppositories, bioavailability, Suppositories, dating of, Suppositories, dosage forms, Suppositories, excipients for, Suppositories, formulation of, Suppositories, preparation of, Suppositories, preparation heuristics, Suppositories, quality assurance

Related Categories: PEDIATRICS, SUPPORT

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