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Compounding with Beta-1, 3-D-Glucan

Author(s):  Keller Ted

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2000 - Compounding for Immune System Disorders
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Abstract:  Beta-1,3-D-glucan, a homopolymer of glucose, is a brown powder consisting of beta-1,3-linked glucopyranose polymers, which are insoluble molecules in all solvents. In this article, various therapeutic applications of beta-1,3-D-glucan and its effect on the role of the macrophage in immune system functioning are presented. The author focuses on infectious diseases; allergy and breathing disorders; neoplastic disease and the side effects of treatment; diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and liver disease; autoimmune disorders; dermatologic applications and additional benefits of treatment. She also provides four very brief case reports. She concludes that beta-1,3-D-glucan is a powerful adjunct to the treatment of several disorders and should be included in every compounding practice. Its disadvantage is that, if treatment fails, the expense of therapy has been wasted; however, therapeutic failures are infrequent.

Related Keywords: glucan, immune system, beta-1,3-D, homopolyer of glucose, infectious disease, allergy, breathing disorder, neoplastic disease, diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, autoimmune, dermatologic


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