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Treating Canine Hepatic Disease

Author(s):  Davidson Gigi S

Issue:  May/Jun 2003 - Diabetes and Wound Care
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Abstract:  This discussion focuses on signs and symptoms of hepatic insufficiency, abnormal hepatic enzyme values and hepatic disease (hepatic encephalopathy, acute hepatic failure, chronic active hepatitis and copper storage disease). Tables provide information about normal laboratory values for hepatic enzymes in dogs and cats, drugs commonly used in treating veterinary hepatic disease and drugs that cause hepatotoxicity or changes in hepatic enzymes. In summary, hepatic dysfunction can lead to multiple problems. Liver disease is always serious but does not have to be fatal. The veterinary pharmacist can become a valuable part of the veterinary care team and assist animal patients to regain their proper hepatic health by becoming familiar with the causes, signs and symptoms of liver disease in animals and providing clients with the proper programs of prevention, care and treatment.

Related Keywords: Canine encephalopathy, treatment of, Canine hepatic disease, treatment of, Copper storage disease, in dogs, Encephalopathy, canine, treatment of, Hepatic disease, canine, treatment of, Hepatic failure, acute, in dogs, Hepatitis, chronic active, in dogs, Hepatotoxicity, drug-related, in dogs, Hepatotoxic drugs, in dogs, Lactulose, for canine hepatic disease, Metronidazole, for veterinary hepatic disease, Neomycin sulfate, for canine hepatic disease, Penicillamine, for canine hepatic disease, Prednisolone, for canine hepatic disease, S-adenosylmethionine, for canine hepatic disease, Ursodiol, for canine hepatic disease

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