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BioBullet: Innovative Pharmaceutical Compounding for Treating Cattle

Author(s):  Benischek Rita L

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2006 - Veterinary Compounding
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Abstract:  Large animals in herds are susceptible to illnesses related to proximity as well as to the stress of captivity. Thanks to innovative veterinarians and pharmacists, pharmaceutical technology has entered a new phase in delivery systems for medications and vaccines to large animals. An advanced method of administering prescription drugs in a manner that has dramatically reduced the stress of those who administer the drugs, as well as the veterinary patients receiving the drugs, is the Biobullet, a ballistic bullet with a core of antibiotic. This patented dosage form, which was developed by SolidTech Animal Health, Inc., located in Newcastle, Oklahoma, is an advanced method of medication administration that reduces labor costs preventing illness in cattle. As the name indicates, the medication is delivered by way of a ballistic system. The doses are uniform, premeasured, and require no dilution at the time of administration, therefore saving time on the range and eliminating dosage errors and use of syringes. Thi

Related Keywords: Rita L Benischek, DPh, MA, cattle, herd animals, remote dosing, ballistic drug delivery, history, stockyards, infectious diseases, prevention, ceftiofur sodium, antibiotics, antimicrobial agent, sterile preparations, cattle stress, foot rot, bovine respiratory distress, veterinary


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