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The History of Progesterone

Author(s):  Newton Stephen J

Issue:  Jul/Aug 2007 - Hormone Replacement Therapy
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Abstract:  Progesterone, the principal progestational hormone of the body, is metabolized and produced in the corpus luteum via conversion of pregnenolone. Progesterone functions to prepare the uterus for reception and development of the fertilized ovum by transformation of the endometrium from the proliferative to the secretory stage. By suppressing menstruation and uterine contractility, progesterone is extremely important in the maintenance of pregnancy. The two most frequent uses for progestins are contraception and hormone replacement therapy. This article provides a brief history of the discovery of progesterone and its therapeutic development and discusses the major challenges and advancements in steroid chemistry.

Related Keywords: Stephen J. Newton, RPh, progesterone, progestational hormone, uterus, pregnancy, endometrium, contraception, contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy, HRT, uterine contractions


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