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Poster Presentation Report: Safety of Maternal Testosterone Therapy During Breast Feeding

Author(s):  Glaser Rebecca L, Newman Mark, Parsons Melanie, Zava David, Glaser-Garbrick Daniel

Issue:  Jul/Aug 2009 - Homone Replacement Therapy
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Abstract:  This article is an adaptation of an abstract/poster presentation made at the 13th Annual International Congress on Steroidal Hormones and Hormones & Cancer, Quebec City, Canada (September 2008), concerning the topic of breast feeding as a contraindication to testosterone therapy. The purpose of the presentation and this article is to provide a summary of the findings of a study that was conducted to evaluate maternal absorption of testosterone and its excretion into breast milk by using three methods of delivery: sublingual drops, vaginal cream, and pellet implant. Testosterone was measurable in maternal blood by all three methods of delivery. No significant increase of testosterone was seen in breast milk when testosterone was delivered by vaginal cream, sublingual drops, of subcutaneous pellet implant. Testosterone was very low in infant blood at baseline and during testosterone therapy by pellet implant. There were no adverse clinical effects in the infant after seven months of continuous testosterone ther

Related Keywords: Rebecca L. Glaser, MD, FACS, Mark Newman, MS, Melanie Parsons, MASc, David Zava, PhD, Daniel Glaser-Garbrick, breast feeding, infants, androgen deficiency, testosterone, breast milk, route of administration, hormone replacement therapy, HRT, pellet implant, sublingual drops, vaginal cream, capillary bloodspot, estradiol, absorption


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