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Veterinary Compounding: A Bird's Eye View

Author(s):  Jordan Dinah G

Issue:  Jul/Aug 1997 - Compounding for Animals
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Page(s):  222-227

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Abstract:  Unique opportunities and professional challenges await the compounding specialist willing to spend time and energy to develop an expertise in veterinary pharmacy. The primary considerations in treating veterinary patients involve efficacy and safety issues for the animal and protection of public health; likewise, the primary challenges for pharmacists in compounding and dispensing veterinary prescriptions lie in understanding the differences in veterinary and human patients and the regulatory issues both at the state and federal levels. In this article, the author discusses the pharmacist’s role in the safe and effective use of drugs in animals, legal and regulatory issues, food animals and veterinary terms and definitions. She also provides a list of resources. In summary, pharmacists can become valued and respected members of the veterinary healthcare team when they develop professional relationships with veterinarians and acquire the additional knowledge and skills necessary to solve problems and meet individual veterinary patient needs.

Related Keywords: Animals, Veterinary, Cats, Dogs, Exotic

Related Categories: VETERINARY

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