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Postherpetic Neuralgia

Author(s):  Angelle Patsy

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2000 - Compounding for Pain Management
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Page(s):  27-29

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Abstract:  Postherpetic neuralgia is the result of damage to the nervous system by an acute herpes zoster infection. The author presents three case reports illustrating the benefits of a multifaceted treatment approach. She concludes that postherpetic neuralgia results in a continuous and prolonged excitation at the pain receptor sites. The success of adjunctive topical treatment using multiple agents that possess varied modes of action substantiates the possibility of improving therapeutic modalities in this patient population. The collaborative efforts of the health-care team are extremely important.

Related Keywords: 2-deoxy-D-glucose, acetylsalicylic acid, acetylsalicylic acid/chloroform solution, amitriptyline, blisters, chicken-pox, clonidine, dermatome, dexamethasone, famciclovir, gabapentin, herpes zoster, ketamine, ketoprofen, lidocaine, PLO, postherpetic neuralgia, postherpetic pain, shingles, varicella-zoster virus, vesicular lessions

Related Categories: PAIN MANAGEMENT

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