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Symbols: Historic and Current Uses

Author(s):  Bailey Emilee

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2008 - Arthritis and Immunological Diseases
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Page(s):  505-507

Symbols: Historic and Current Uses Page 1
Symbols: Historic and Current Uses Page 2
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Abstract:  From hieroglyphs to barcodes, symbols have been used throughout history. Symbols can be observed on traffic signs, warning signs that are affixed to building fronts, doors of public restrooms to show gender-specific usage, and caution signs on caustic or poisonous chemicals; even Braille, a system of writing and printing for the blind, is a symbol form. This article includes a brief discussion on the psychology of symbols, history of symbols, symbols used by alchemists and pharmacists, and the current use of symbols.

Related Keywords: Emilee Bailey, symbols, pharmacy history, alchemy

Related Categories: HISTORY

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