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Azithromycin in the Treatment of Pneumonic Foals

Author(s):  Bramwell Bethany L, Williams LaVonn A

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2009 - Veterinary Compounding
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Page(s):  382-384

Azithromycin in the Treatment of Pneumonic Foals Page 1
Azithromycin in the Treatment of Pneumonic Foals Page 2
Azithromycin in the Treatment of Pneumonic Foals Page 3

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Abstract:  Rhodococcus equi, one of the most common causes of pneumonia in foals between 3 weeks and 5 months of age, is a troublesome disease. For many years, Rhodococcus equi pneumonia carried a very poor to grave prognosis due to the lack of a good treatment protocol. However, antibiotics that are very good at treating the infection have been identified. Through research we have begun to further understand the epidemiology of the disease, acquired an arsenal of suitable treatment options, and identified prevention strategies that are actively being studied. Oral erythromycin requires multiple daily dosing, has inconsistent absorption rates in foals, and a growing number of resistant Rhodococcus equi isolates have been identified. Azithromycin and clarithromycin have been proposed as alternatives to erythromycin for the treatment of Rhodococcus equi. Studies in other species have demonstrated that azithromycin has better pharmacokinetics and is safer than erythromycin. Azithromycin has shown high and sustained intrace

Related Keywords: Bethany L. Bramwell, BSPharm, RPh, LaVonn A. Williams, horses, foals, equine pneumonia, bacterial infection, Rhodococcus equi, formulation, azithromycin gel


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