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Rhodococcus Equi Pneumonia in Foals

Author(s):  Davidson Gigi S

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2001 - Compounding for Pediatric Patients
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Page(s):  55-57

Rhodococcus Equi Pneumonia in Foals Page 1
Rhodococcus Equi Pneumonia in Foals Page 2
Rhodococcus Equi Pneumonia in Foals Page 3

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Abstract:  Pneumonia caused by Rhodoccus equi is one of the most devastating causes of disease in foals aged 1 to 4 months. In this discussion, the author covers pathogenesis and clinical findings, diagnosis, treatment and future therapies.

Related Keywords: corynebacterium equi, equine, foals, horses, pneumonia, R. equi, rhodococcus, rhodococcus equi pneumonia, veterinary

Related Categories: VETERINARY

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