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Providing Consultation Services for Wellness Issues Related to Exercise, Weight Management, and Nutritional Support: Key Lifestyle Modification for Healthier Aging

Author(s):  Biundo Bruce

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2010 - Pediatrics and Wellness
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Abstract:  This article discusses the importance of compounding pharmacies offering consultation services to patients, specifically in the areas of exercise, weight management, and nutritional support. With approximately two-thirds of the adult U.S. population falling into the overweight category and almost one third falling into the obese category, most of which are also underactive, clearly weight management is an area of great concern. Included in this article are some brief literature reviews; important information for those looking for statistics on the benefits of exercise and nutritional support. Vitamin D and omega 3 facts are provided, including the importance of these supplements in the success of weight control. Having a private, inviting space for your patients to discuss their concerns and prescription needs, encourages patients to use consulting services and having fact-based information can help educate your patients about the topics discussed in this article, as well as other healthcare needs.

Related Keywords: Bruce Biundo, BS, RPh, weight management, consultation, nutrition, overweight, obesity, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, dietary supplementation, nutritional supplements, exercise, calorie requirements, literature review


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