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Quality Control Analytical Methods: Continuous Quality Improvement

Author(s):  Odegard Russell D

Issue:  May/Jun 2010 - Pain Management
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Page(s):  218-221

Quality Control Analytical Methods: Continuous Quality Improvement Page 1
Quality Control Analytical Methods: Continuous Quality Improvement Page 2
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Abstract:  This article will help clarify the value in implementing an effective continuous quality improvement program in a compounding pharmacy and how a program like this can be critical to long-term success. Discussed in this article are: the key elements associated with every continuous quality improvement program, how using a systematic approach to implementation can add tremendous value, and the roles and responsibilities of the individuals that need to be involved with the implementation and management of a successful continuous quality improvement program. When implemented properly, continuous quality improvement can be transformative to an organization by minimizing risks, lowering costs, and growing their business.

Related Keywords: Russell D. Odegard, MBA, BSc, CQI, drug safety, risk reduction, revenue, cost savings, PDSA methodology


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