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Development and Statistical Analysis of Glipzide-Loaded Fast-Dissolving Tablets Using Plantago ovata Husk as a Superdisintegrant

Author(s):  Jha Antesh Kr, Chetia D

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2011 - Volume 15, Number 6
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Abstract:  The purpose of this study was to develop fast dissolving tablets of glipizide, a sulfonylurea antidiabetic drug. Powder blends containing pregelatinized Plantago ovata husk, microcrystalline cellulose, and starch (soluble) were converted into tablets by the direct compression method. The tablets were evaluated for disintegration time, hardness, percentage friability, drug entrapment efficiency, and content uniformity tests. In the investigation, a 32 full factorial design was used to investigate the joint influence of two formulation variables: (1) amount of pregelatinized Plantago ovata husk and (2) compression force. The results of multiple linear regression analysis revealed that for obtaining a fast-dissolving dosage form, tablets should be prepared using a higher concentration of pregelatinized Plantago ovata husk and an optimum level of compression force. A contour plot is also presented to graphically represent the effect of the independent variables on the disintegration time and percentage friability.

Related Keywords: Astesh Kr Jha, M Pharm, D. Chetia, PhD, fast-dissolving tablets, glipizide, mucilage, Plantago ovata husk, disintegration time, content uniformity test, drug entrapment efficiency test, hardness, friability, superdisintegrant, compression


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