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Realities of Pharmaceutical Compounding in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Author(s):  Umarov Ulugbek, Zdoryk Oleksandr, Kolisnyk Sergii, Fatkhullaeva Muyussar

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2021 - Volume 25, Number 5
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Abstract:  The development of compounding science in the Republic of Uzbekistan began in ancient times. The emergence of medical science on the territory of modern Uzbekistan was associated with the activities of the famous physician Ibn Sina (Avicenna). His Canon of Medicine is still considered the main source of medical knowledge in the world. He paid great attention to herbal medicines, its collection, storage, and application. The main development of compounding in Uzbekistan fell within the 20th century, after the Main Directorate of Pharmacies was established and new pharmacies were opened in all cities. In the beginning of 1975, there were about 2000 pharmacies in Uzbekistan and all pharmacies were engaged in the preparation of medicines. Today, there are more than 14 thousand pharmacies in Uzbekistan, which belong to large pharmacy chains, in the structure of which there are compounding pharmacies that compound injections and infusions, nasal and eardrops, ointments and suppositories, tinctures, decoctions, etc. Among the pharmaceutical networks in Uzbekistan, JSC Dori-Darmon is one of the largest. JSC Dori-Darmon, having about 120 branches, provides the population of Uzbekistan with medicines. Another one, Osiyo Farm, specializes in the compounding of external solutions and semi-solid dosage forms, while JSC Dori- Darmon mainly dispenses injections, mixtures, and solutions for external use. In Uzbekistan, pharmaceutical compounding is regulated by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 415-I. The development of the pharmaceutical market in Uzbekistan is very active since the number of pharmaceutical enterprises is increasing and new drugs of synthetic and herbal origin are being developed. The main educational institutions that train pharmacists are the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute and the Tashkent Medical College. 

Related Keywords: Ulugbek Umarov, Postgraduate Student, Oleksandr Zdoryk, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sergii Kolisnyk, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Muyassar Fatkhullaeva, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Republic of Uzbekistan, Avicenna, Abu Ali ibn Sina, history of pharmacy, dosage forms, regulation, pharmacy education, pharmacopeia


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