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Wiping Out Diaper Rash

Author(s):  Fields Shannon W

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2005 - Pediatrics
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Abstract:  Diaper rash is a common problem that causes pain and discomfort in many infants and toddlers. Babies, with their naturally sensitive skin and their need for diapers, which collect skin irritants and cause friction, are prime candidates for developing skin irritations in the diaper area. There are various types and causes of diaper rash, and not all cases are treated exactly the same. The condition is characterized by a red rash, which may be flat or raised and can blister when severe. Some children appear to be more prone to diaper rash than others, and while it is certainly uncomfortable, the condition is not typically serious. Most cases clear up after a few days of appropriate treatment.

Related Keywords: Shannon Fields, BA, diaper rash, infants, skin irritation, skin infection, intertrigo, impetigo, seborrhea, yeast infection, Candida albicans, fungal infection, barrier agents, antibiotics, antifungal agents, probiotics, topical preparations, corticosteroids, steroids, cholestyramine, compounding, antimicrobial agents


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