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Basics of Compounding: Cosmetics for Special Populations and Using Cosmetics as Vehicles

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2002 - Dermatologic Compounding
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Abstract:  Historically, pharmacists have compounded cosmetics. This article covers the historical interrelationship of cosmetics and pharmacy, the compounding of specialty cosmetics and the use of cosmetics as vehicles. The following formulations are provided: skin care (Hand Cream, Lotion, Dusting Powder), lipsticks and medication sticks (Stick Formulation, Hard-Stick Formulation, Soft-Stick Formulation, and Blemish-Hiding Stick), shampoos (Clear Shampoo and Cream Shampoo), deodorants (Deodorant Stick, and Liquid Deodorant and/or Antiperspirant), shaving products (Shaving Cream – two formulations) and mouthwashes (Astringent Mouthwash). Regulatory requirements, disallowed ingredients, labeling, classifications of cosmetics, incorporation of active ingredients into cosmetic vehicles, quality control and storage and labeling are also covered.

Related Keywords: Cosmetics, regulatory requirements for, Cosmetics, for special populations, Cosmetics, vehicles, Cream, formulation for, Deodorants, formulation for, Lipsticks, formulation for, Lotion, formulation for, Medication sticks, formulation for, Mouthwash, formulation for, Powder, formulation for, Shampoos, formulation for, Shaving products, formulation for

Related Categories: DERMATOLOGY

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