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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Part 3, A Review of

Author(s):  Wepfer Scott T

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2002 - Dermatologic Compounding
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Page(s):  142-146

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Abstract:  In this article, the author provides additional evidence of the vast differences between synthetic progestins and bioidentical progesterone. The main topics of discussion include progesterone and breast cancer, progesterone and estrogen dominance: a matter of balance, benefits of progesterone for all women, progesterone and vasomotor symptoms, testosterone for women, route of administration and compliance. Tables provide information regarding symptoms of estrogen dominance and a rationale for the use of progesterone in all women receiving estrogen replacement therapy. The author concludes that there is enough compelling evidence to suggest that the use of conjugated equine estrogens and synthetic progestins and estrogens is outdated and that bioidentical hormones seem more effective and safer for patients. Generalized conclusions about estrogen replacement therapy and hormone replacement therapy based on studies of conjugated equine estrogens and synthetic progestins do not necessarily apply to bioidentical hormones.

Related Keywords: Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Breast cancer, and progesterone, Breast cancer risk, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Dominance, estrogen, Dominance, progesterone, Progesterone, in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Progesterone, and vasomotor symptoms, Testosterone, in hormone replacement therapy, Vasomotor symptoms, and progesterone

Related Categories: HRT

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