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Andropause: Annotated Citations from the Literature

Author(s):  Biundo Bruce

Issue:  Sep/Oct 1999 - Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
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Page(s):  355-356

Andropause: Annotated Citations from the Literature Page 1
Andropause: Annotated Citations from the Literature Page 2

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Abstract:  The author reviews, in his words, “...what clinicians are telling their peers about andropause.” He provides annotations from five books.

Related Keywords: androgen, andropause, cardiovascular disease, depression, endocrinology, erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, Jonathan Wright, MD, libido, male hormone replacement, male menopause, male osteoporosis, metabolism, polycythemia, Tenover, JL, testosterone, testosterone undecanoate

Related Categories: HRT

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