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Male Impotency and the Compounding Pharmacist

Author(s):  Preckshot John

Issue:  Mar/Apr 1999 - Compounding for Men's Health
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Page(s):  80-83

Male Impotency and the Compounding Pharmacist Page 1
Male Impotency and the Compounding Pharmacist Page 2
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Abstract:  The author begins with the historical role of the compounding pharmacist in treating male impotency and goes on to discuss the physiology of the erectile process, pharmacotherapy for erectile dysfunction (penile injections, transdermal and intraurethral applications and oral options) and predictions for the future. Tables provide information regarding medication combinations for penile injection and manufactured options for erectile dysfunction.

Related Keywords: sexual health, male impotency, erectile dysfunction, compounding pharmacist, prostaglandin PGE1, papaverine, phentolamine, penile injections, pharmacotherapy, intraurethral PGE1 gel, Invicorp Autoinjector, viagra sublingual troche, andrology, androgenic replacement therapy, Caverject, Edex, Muse, Topiglan, Viagra, Vasomax, Apomorphine

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