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Planning and Marketing a Natural HRT Patient Seminar

Author(s):  Trent Kerry Cunningham

Issue:  Sep/Oct 1999 - Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
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Page(s):  360-361

Planning and Marketing a Natural HRT Patient Seminar Page 1
Planning and Marketing a Natural HRT Patient Seminar Page 2

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Abstract:  The author describes the seminar program at Leesburg Pharmacy in Leesburg, VA, which offers seminars to women over 40, emphasizing the benefits of compounded bioidentical hormones. She provides advice on holding such an event, and on steps that should be taken at 1 month, 3 weeks, 2 weeks and 1 week before the seminar, along with a list of last-minute details. She also provides a seminar-planning timeline for this type of seminar.

Related Keywords: advertisement, cholesterol, compounding, handouts, HRT, menopause, natural hormones, osteoporosis, seminars

Related Categories: HRT, MARKETING

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